Yet another year has escaped from time’s transient grasp, and now, we all find ourselves somewhere between reminiscent and hopeful. Each new year brings an incomparable feeling of invincibility, of endless possibility, and expectation. Many find sorrow in the blows of last year’s challenges; others, disappointment in the fact that it wasn’t “their year”, as […]

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Through The Tunnel

  Life has been a whirlwind of surreal manifestation! Words can’t adequately describe the feeling I have each morning of pent up gratitude. I experience an overwhelming joy as I look over my shoulder, as I reflect on the workings of a gracious God. I look over at potholes being made opportunities for me to […]

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Meet DeLexis!

Hello there! I’m DeLexis Davia Barnabie, a young, inspired Christian writer, who, through diction, expresses her zeal about life, growth, journeys, and the Christian faith. I’d best describe myself as ambitious, motivated, focused, committed, and a visionary among many others. I love the excitement and mystery that comes with new endeavors, the refinery of character […]

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What Is Substratum Finds?

Substratum Finds is a Christian blog, started in January 2016, which sheds perspective on life’s journey, the Christian faith, and the personal journey of its writer, DeLexis Barnabie. Through it, others gain inspiration, encouragement, self-confidence, renewed faith and insight. My hope is that you find the same within its many pages. Its name, Substratum Finds, […]

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Stay With Us!

    I’m so glad you decided to stop by and check out “Substratum Finds”! It’s a delight to have you as our visitor. If you like what you see so far, why not join our Substratum Finds community? To do so, follow these simple steps:   Click the menu bar in the right-hand corner […]

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New Media, Better Conversation?

I remember priceless moments back in junior high school when social media was at its most forthcoming stages. Although I wouldn’t classify myself as being old at all, I certainly wasn’t a child born into Facebook announcements or digital photo albums. During junior high years, I witnessed communication revolutionize, if I might, from paper to […]

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Stand Down

“Stand Down”. I’ve always found this phrase vastly intriguing, not only because of its apparently ironic effect, but the fact that its essence serves as the perfect intermediate between standing up and sitting down. My first inclination, upon hearing it, was to believe that it was impossible for one to stand down. I thought “It’s either […]

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